Worwag Pharma Romania activating as LLC

"If you can dream it, you can do it" (Walt Disney).

These are the words that can best describe the ambitious project of both Romanian and German teams to transform the Romanian Representative Office into a Romanian Legal Limited Company.


If in 1998 Worwag Pharma Romania was taking the first steps on the Romanian pharmaceutical market as a representative of WÖRWAG Pharma GmbH & Co.KG Group, today, after 20 years, the company opens a new and challenging chapter: that of activating as LLC.

First and foremost, this new chapter required to follow the Good Distribution Practice guidelines, as well as to ensure quality in all aspects of the services provided to our customers.

The team responsible with the implementation of this project had to ensure that the GDP principles are implemented throughout the entire distribution chain, from the moment the medicines leave manufacturers' sites until that of the last transport to the end user - the patient.

The Wholesaler License and GDP Certificate were obtained following the inspection carried out by the Romanian Competent Authority, NMMDA. The NMMDA’s inspectors verified – like a tough exam - the key personnel of the company regarding each one’s responsibilities, knowledge of the specific procedures and processes of the company's wholesale activity, as well as the Quality Management System requirements. One at a time, Aniela Sofron - Responsible Person for distribution, Madalina Toghia - Quality Assurance Manager, Aurelia Ghita - Invoicing Responsible, Mircea Negru - Commercial and Sales Director, Andrei Neicu – RP’s backup, supported by Norina Gavan – Administrator, answered the cross-linked questions of the inspectors.

Last, but not least, the merits and credits of obtaining the WSL and GDP Certificate are of the enlarged team behind this success, composed of both key personnel of Worwag Pharma Romania LLC and colleagues from Headquarter assigned for this project, together with the team of Alloga Logistics Romania LLC, our logistic services provider. Nothing would have happened if, behind this project, this highly valuable team of professionals in the pharmaceutical, commercial, IT and economic fields had not been found.

Like any complex and ambitious project, this one was not exempted from the challenges which, with patience and perseverance, were overcome, reaching its end in January 2020, when Worwag Pharma Romania LLC started its activity as a wholesaler.